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“I want a description of the film, not of you!”

Here’s the trailer for Pessoa, the multi-dimensional, integrated audio description and captioned short film I made through an Arts Council England-funded Develop Your Creative Practice project.

Pessoa, The Trailer

My DYCP research generated so many ideas and options for AD. When it came time to create the descriptions used by Robert in the film, I was guided by choices that reflect how he, as the describer, would respond to the experimental film – which already has a voice in it – my voice!

The idea for Pessoa started with the image of someone living alone during lockdown, a writer like Fernando Pessoa with his multiple personalities. I haven’t appeared in one of my own films since 2007, but in this film I was able reflect myself multiple times, as the auteur whose work Robert describes, and again in the outer layer of the soundtrack, describing Robert and Violet and the others. My desire/ability to CONTROL EVERYTHING reaching new heights, exasperated and exacerbated by Covid-19, 20, 21 and 22!

This film was created by me, the actors – three in their own homes and one in my studio – and two other people, Zeynep Dağlı and Çağlar Kimyoncu.

“Multiple soundtracks, that’s definitely the way to go!”

zoom conversation between Violet Version and Robert Whiston (he/him), both smiling.
Still from Pessoa: Violet – Margo Cargill; Robert – Michael Skellern